Posted on Nov 14, 2014 in Our Services

A member of The Smart Touch® product family, the LONWORKS® technology based ST2000 Pro Security Management System brings intelligent distributed peer to peer control to security applications through easy-to-use and reliable hardware and software features.

With its flexible system architecture and with Habtech’s integration capabilities, the ST2000 Pro is ideal for new installations and for retrofits of existing buildings in commercial, institutional and industrial markets.

The system software is Windows™ based, designed to offer a number of standard features and to support customization to suit specific applications.


Open System Architecture – We get along with everyone (add partner logos)

Habtech’s security solutions are built on an open platform which allows for easy integration with your existing security systems.

Habtech’s solutions are designed to support open field hardware from other leading manufacturers, enabling you to make the most of any past security investment.

Product integration – Make the most of legacy systems (list 3rd party integration, add description of functions)

Scalable – When you grow, we’ll grow with you

Our software can handle a virtually unlimited number of control points so you can add as many cameras, doors, fire alarms, intercom, lights and guard tour checkpoints as you like; it will not slow down our system.

Full reporting capabilities – Make the best critical decisions backed up by data

Gain valuable insight into you own building operations using our software’s powerful reporting capability.  Customise data collection to keep track of specific activity for quick reports on critical or common used functions.

Ease of use – Our graphic user interface shows you real-time visual information for all of your cameras, doors, alarms, guard tour checkpoints and intercoms in the context of your floor plan.


This reduces training costs, allows easy personnel transfers between centers and ensures they respond to any type of alarm, fast.

Built-in self diagnostics for automatic fault detection, reporting and restoration.

Monitor multiple buildings from one location – Reduce infrastructure costs, increase response times, monitor and manage multiple facilities from one location.  Eliminate the need for multiple control stations.

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