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Lighting Control


Lighting Control can be fully integrated with the ST2000 Pro software through our line of LCP600 control panels which contain GE RR Series latching relays for switching inductive or resistive lighting loads. The LCP600 panels are available in 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 circuit increments. Switching is done from the ST2000 Pro software where circuits may be controlled individually, collectively (through pre-defined groups) and/or time-zoned. Furthermore, lighting can be securely controlled with the LOK600 Lighting Override Keypad which provides authenticated access to keypad codes that allows privileged staff to operate the lights using their own personal security code.

The ST2000 Pro and our SPC1000 controllers offer even more flexibility and inter-operability by interfacing with complete Lighting Control packages, including those offered by GE, Lutron , Cooper Ligting and Fifth Light.

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